A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th Edition


A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th Edition

Author: Judi L. Nath,
Kelsey P. Lindsley.
Edition: 4th Edition
Year: 2018
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-1496351470
Publisher:  Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN 10: 1496351479
Pages: 442
File: PDF
Price: 9.99$
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A Short Course in Medical Terminology 4th Edition

Retaining its logical organization, body systems approach, and focus on word parts, word building, and word analysis; this Fourth Edition of A Short Course in Medical Terminology reflects current medical usage and is now even more concise, student-friendly, and accessible. This edition features an enhanced art and design program, a more standardized chapter structure, and a vast array of in-text and online learning resources that help students master the language of medicine as they prepare for practice in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

eBOOK AVAILABLE. Fast, smart, and convenient, today’s eBooks can transform learning. These interactive, fully searchable tools offer 24/7 access on multiple devices, the ability to highlight and share notes, and much more.
MODERNIZED AND MORE APPROACHABLE. This edition reflects today’s practice environment and has been rewritten to be even more user-friendly for students.
INCREASED ALIGNMENT WITH A&P TEXTS. The chapter on special senses of sight and hearing (formerly Chapter 15) now appears directly after Chapter 7, The Nervous System.
UPDATED. Pronunciations match those in Stedman’s Medical Dictionary but are shown phonetically to reflect the book’s focus on oral communication.
IMPROVED! The full-color art program—now even more accurate and contemporary—features new photos, illustrations, and figures with enhanced text-art integration.
STANDARDIZED: To facilitate learning, key elements in each chapter (headings, study tables, end-of-chapter exercises, pronunciations, sidebars, and quick checks) are now presented in a standard format.
STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION SECTIONS use full-color illustrations to help students learn basic anatomy and physiology.
CASE STUDIES connect chapter material to clinical settings through real-world applications of medical terms,
IN-TEXT LEARNING AIDS include learning outcomes, study tables that summarize terms, Abbreviations tables that list common Abbreviations and their meanings, and end-of-chapter exercises that help students master key terminology and word parts.

About the author:

Authoring and teaching are both vocations and avocations for Judi Nath. As a best-selling textbook author and award-winning biology professor, her career spans nearly three decades. She writes several anatomy & physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, and pathophysiology books, ranging from 1st to 11th editions. Dr. Judi aims to help students and the general population understand the science around us and about us in ways that are captivating. A self-described humanist, her classrooms are welcoming while her outreach messages are inviting. Her blog and newsletter titled “My Morning Musings” are straightforward scientific explanations linking current headlines to individual health, calming the chaos with humor, and showing our shared humanity. Professional life is almost balanced with a host of aspirational hobbies like piano playing, tap dancing, and bicycling. She has mastered none.

Reviews about the ebook A Short Course in Medical Terminology

  • Asantewah Adu:
    A Short Course in Medical Terminology Great ebook easy to learn to pass my final exam
  • Jose D.:
    A Short Course in Medical Terminology is a very clear and understandable ebook. Great for learning medical terminology.
  • Ian McCurdy:
    Absolutely LOVE the flashcard function!!!
    Easy to use, easy to study anywhere, anytime.The ebook itself is an easy to read format. Material is presented well and the illustrations bring it home.I have the new digital version. The one thing I don’t like is there is no information in the book referencing where to find them online pronunciation material. That would have made this book a 5 star + review.
  • Jenny:
    A Short Course in Medical Terminology is a Very informative ebook! Helped me complete my assignments and homework for my surgical technology program!
  • TACC:
    great quality

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