Allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking


Allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking ebook

Year: 2011
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780718194550
Publisher: Michael Joseph
ISBN 10: 0718194551
File: PDF
Price: 3.99$

Allen carr’s easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carr

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a self-help classic, with over 20m copies sold worldwide. It has been a #1 bestseller in nine European countries. It outsells all other quit smoking titles combined. This seminal ebook has enabled millions of smokers to quit easily and enjoyably using Carr’s simple, drug-free approach.

About the author of the ebook easy way to stop smoking:

Allen Carr was an author of books about quitting smoking and other psychological dependencies including alcohol addiction. He quit smoking after 33 years as a hundred-a-day chain smoker.

Reviews about ebook easy way to stop smoking:

  • Carrie rated:
    This is really, truly a terrible ebook easy way to stop smoking that uses very transparent psychological trickery to convince you to stop smoking. But, it totally worked on me so.
  • Erin:
    I cannot give this ebook an Easy way to stop smoking enough stars. I started smoking when I was 19 and was a pack a day smoker when I made the decision to quit and began to read this ebook easy way to stop smoking. It really is the BEST way to quit smoking – I finished reading this ebook easy way to stop smoking, threw out my cigarettes, and never smoked again. I have suffered no withdrawal or pangs of desire. I tried quitting several times before reading this ebook, either using the patch, the gum, or cold turkey and every time I tried, I was so miserable that I always started smoking again.
    Now, not only am I a non-smoker, I am overjoyed to be a non-smoker and I have no desire to ever smoke again, even when surrounded by other smokers! I recommend this book to any smoker who says they want to quit. sadly, many of my smoking friends are too scared to quit. Once they decide that they do really want to quit, this ebook easy way to stop smoking will do it for them. If you are a smoker and you want to quit, I’ll bet you’ve tried all the gimmicks, and they don’t work, right? They didn’t work for me!
    This ebook easy way to stop smoking ISN’T a gimmick – it works!!! I have been smoke-free for almost 2 years at this writing (I finished reading the Easy Way to Quit Smoking on 05/11/2007 and haven’t had a puff since), and I feel great. I can’t say enough about this ebook.
  • Janis Ian:
    Didn’t think it would work the ebook easy way to stop smoking. I started smoking at 13. Didn’t think it would work. A friend told me it was magic. Still didn’t think it would work. Bought an ebook copy in 2005 and managed to keep losing it, never read it. Finally sat down with it two years later. Read it, didn’t think it would work. Followed the instructions.
    Quit painlessly. No craziness, no weight gain. Never looked back, never missed it. Believe me, I’d tried everything before, and none of it stuck. Unbelievable.
    I just bought 10 copies of the ebook easy way to stop smoking for friends. Still don’t miss smoking. Didn’t turn me into an ex-smoker. Turned me into a NON-smoker.
  • Rebekah Small:
    If you change your mind, it will change your life. This ebook easy way to stop smoking can help you change your mind.
  • Roxanne:
    I loved this ebook easy way to stop smoking, it changed my life. Understanding why you smoke and know what you have to do to quit just made sense to me. My husband (who I thought was a lifer) have been smoke-free for 3 years, best thing I ever did was read this book Easy way to stop smoking.This ebook easy way to stop smoking opened my eyes to the reality of why I smoked and the reasons why I should stop making excuses and just quit.

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