Calculus Early Transcendentals 8th Edition


Author: James Stewart
Edition: 8th Edition
Year: 2016
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-1285741550
Publisher:  Cengage Learning
ISBN 10: 1-285741552
Pages: 1404
File: PDF
Price: 19.99$
Digital delivery: Via Email

Success in your calculus course starts here!

James Stewart’s CALCULUS: EARLY TRANSCENDENTALS texts are world-wide best-sellers for a reason: they are clear, accurate, and filled with relevant, real-world examples. With CALCULUS: EARLY TRANSCENDENTALS, Eighth Edition, Stewart conveys not only the utility of calculus to help you develop technical competence, but also gives you an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of the subject.

His patient examples and built-in learning aids will help you build your mathematical confidence and achieve your goals in the course.

About the Author

The late James Stewart received his M.S. from Stanford University and his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He did research at the University of London and was influenced by the famous mathematician George Polya at Stanford University. Stewart was most recently a Professor of Mathematics at McMaster University, and his research field was harmonic analysis. Stewart was the author of a best-selling calculus textbook series published by Cengage Learning, including CALCULUS, CALCULUS: EARLY TRANSCENDENTALS, and CALCULUS: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXTS, as well as a series of precalculus texts.

Reviews about the ebook Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th Edition

  • Brandon:
    If your class uses WebAssign, just get the online version of Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th Edition. Same product, very smaller price tag.
  • Joseph Mirabelli:
    Once again, an update to avoid confusing friends in my strange recent: In preparation for the qualifying exam, I will rapidly binge reading my undergrad texts for the next few weeks. I liked Stewart while reading it, but I loved returning to it in a reference. While I didn’t feel the need for examples and problems in all but a few areas, I appreciated the quality of available exercises in passing. Glad about my ug professors’ choices.
  • Levi Moes:
    My university uses this for Calculus I thru III (differentiation, integration, and multivariate, respectively), and it’s a well-rounded textbook. The application chapters – including sections on differential equations – were useful stepping stones to more advanced classes, and the introduction of vectors is handy for those who expect to take linear algebra.
  • Andrew:
    Arrived in perfect time and in perfect condition. The only issue was that if you need to get online access to your Cengage account know that you will not get the key to unlocking that with this order.
  • Jon Gauthier:
    Reusing this for Calc III.I read this textbook for my AP Calculus BC class. It wasn’t too dry, fortunately, and used lots of pictures/tables/charts as reading aids. Many of the exercises included had to do with interesting applications in other areas of math, physics, and engineering — much more fun than the standard “sliding-ladder” problem types that showed up in previous courses. I just wish the authors would have skipped steps less often in the examples.
  • Susan Feigenbaum:
    I rented the textbook from Cengage Learning, Inc., and honestly, the ebook looks brand new. It doesn’t look like anyone has even opened the book. I had thought the ebook was going to be paperback, but I guess I don’t really remember seeing anything saying that it was going to be, I just saw the tab on the top next to the hardcover. That is the only downside to this rental because it is a rather large book and I’m on a rather large campus, so I know it won’t be fun hauling Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th Edition ebook around with my other textbooks.
  • Kevin Frushour:
    The Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th Edition textbook arrived well, and in good condition as advertised. So seller shipping is five-star.However, being a physics student I skipped ahead to look at the chapters on vectors only to find that pages 791-810 instead of page A1-A20 of the appendix (and those are repeated in the ebook in their proper place).I recognize that going through 1200-page textbooks looking for printing errors before selling them is time-intensive, but I was disappointed about that all the same. I’m going to have to contact the publisher, see if they can e-mail me the missing 20 pages. I need to know vectors!
  • Alex:
    Read sections of this book for Calculus AB, Calculus, and now finished the entire thing while taking Multivariable Calculus. The following sums up some of the good and bad parts of the booksPros of the text: A really good explanation of proofs, a lot of worked-out examples, the writing is clear and precise, gives good background introduction into single and multivariable calculus.
    Cons of the text: Doesn’t do a good job relating the practice problems back to the information found in the chapter. Another major con is that the book doesn’t offer a strong intuition as to why things are the way they are.

    Keep in mind, this from the perspective of one student. Furthermore, since this is a textbook, it’s an extremely subjective rating. so I guess I’ll settle at 4 Stars??? Idk, it really depends on you.

  • Martha:
    Rented Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th Edition ebook for my grandsons’ college Calculus course. Arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Since it was a required book, I can only assume that it is excellent for the course. Highly recommend renting the ebook compared to purchasing.
  • Hanyu:
    I’m not sure if I should be reviewing textbooks on I have dabbled with quite a few and have somewhat sentimental opinions depending on whether I enjoyed the course or not haha.
    But regardless, this is a wonderful introductory textbook to calculus. The topics discussed are absolutely essential you need to have. Loaded with lots of practice problems and the proofs and theory are explained with the right amount of mathematical rigor for their intended purpose.
  • Christina Limebrook:
    This ebook arrived quickly and that was a help since I have been needing to use it for my class. Quick delivery ensured I did not miss a beat. It seems to be a good textbook. I am glad to be able to rent it for such a reasonable price.
  • Henry:
    Clear, easy to understand, to the point. Simple, well thought out graphics and nice design. All textbooks (especially biology textbooks) can learn from this one. All textbooks should be written like this.
  • Jeremy brown ridge:
    Very nice. Needed for university. It is a lot bigger than I thought. Arrived quickly in good condition. James Stewart is a legend. Impressed by summary pages!! Would recommend.
  • Preeyasree:
    This book will be of help to students who will need a good understanding of Calculus. Don’t be intimidated by the number of pages. Great for understanding concepts. This book quotes a lot of real-world examples.

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