CASE IN POINT: Government and Nonprofit: Case Interview and Strategic Preparation for Consulting Interviews in the Public Sector


CASE IN POINT: Government and Nonprofit: Case Interview and Strategic Preparation for Consulting Interviews in the Public Sector

Author: Marc P. Cosentino,
Evan Piekara.
Edition: 1st Edition
Year: 2019
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-0986370755
Publisher:  Burgee Press
ISBN 10: 986370754
Pages: 289
File: PDF
Price: 5.99$
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CASE IN POINT: Government and Nonprofit: Case Interview and Strategic Preparation for Consulting Interviews in the Public Sector

Case interviews come in all formats. The key, as an interviewee, is being prepared. Know what the interviewer is looking for, know the industry/sector, the jargon, the constraints and stakeholders, and how people in the industry operate. Government and nonprofit cases span a wide variety of problems, issues, stakeholders, and politics, which makes them trickier than private-sector case interviews.

About the Author:

Marc Patrick Cosentino: For the past two decades Cosentino’s work has towered over the field of case interviews. The Wall Street Journal calls his book Case in Point the MBA Bible which is one of the many reasons why Cosentino is the world’s foremost authority on case interviewing. He is CEO of and a popular and sought-after speaker. Over the past 28 years, he has advised and coached over 100,000 students and alumni. Case in point is not only the number one selling case book world-wide, but is also the top book in the field of consulting as well. Cosentino is a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School, Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, and the University of Denver.

Evan Piekara has over ten years of experience consulting and working in the government and nonprofit sectors. Evan started his nonprofit career as a member of Teach for America. He has supported BDO Public Sector in the launch of its management consulting practice and has provided strategy and operations, human capital, and information technology support to government and nonprofit clients. At BDO Public Sector, Evan led efforts building internal practice recruiting processes including interview questions, cases, and candidate evaluation criteria, and developed their Graduate Advisor internship program. Piekara holds a range of professional certifications that have strengthened professional experience in change management, conflict resolution, cybersecurity, lean six sigma, project management, continuous process improvement, and total quality control management. He has presented on a number of topics including change management, conflict resolution, and performance measurement and evaluation, and developed workshops on government and nonprofit cases. He has served in leadership roles on nonprofit boards. He earned an MBA from Georgetown, a Master’s in the Science of Teaching from Pace University, and a Bachelor’s from Connecticut College.

Reviews about the ebook:

  • Thomas Tighe, CEO, Direct Relief:
    Case in Point: Government and Nonprofit distills much of what I’ve learned the hard way in the public sector, as both a government official and a nonprofit executive.
  • Ranjana Kohli:
    Case In Point: Government and Nonprofit provides some great perspective and lessons learned from someone who has been both an interviewer for these positions and an interviewee. It is clear that these lessons learned could benefit anyone preparing for roles in government, nonprofit, consulting, and other social sector roles. The frameworks and rubric for case interviews were especially helpful.
  • Olin Parker, Executive Director, Louisiana Department of Education:
    Cosentino and Piekara provide a practical, effective, and essential resource for those interested in the nonprofit or public sector. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to enter the field or sharpen skills.
  • Rohit Agarwal, Senior Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company:
    As a consultant in the public and social sector. Marc and Evan produced a thoughtful, engaging, must-read for aspiring and current practitioners.
  • Evan Piekara:
    Admittedly, I’m biased in my review. This book was written as a letter to my younger self and contains takeaways, insights, and reflections learned from both sides of the interview table. I’ve also found little consolidated best practices for government and nonprofit case interviews and this book combines lessons learned through research and experience. Most of the note is the case transcripts to help you identify distinctions in government and nonprofit cases as well as a rating rubric to help you build your case proficiency. Finally, there are fifteen partner cases that enable you to put what you learned into practice.
  • Keth Washington:
    Government and Nonprofit is the definitive resource for those looking to enter the government and nonprofit consulting space. It provides insider insights from an industry professional and recruiter who has been on both sides of the interview table. This guide provides useful tips including how to consider various stakeholders in the industry and the impact that they could have on your project, what interviewers look for when interviewing candidates both from a cultural and technical standpoint, and also how to ace the government and nonprofit case! The sample cases and practice cases were excellent resources and helped shape my understanding of the industry and enabled me to prepare for government and nonprofit consulting. This a much-needed resource and one that fills a huge void in the consulting industry!
  • Michael Small:
    Marc Cosentino and Evan Piekara have teamed up to write a guide for government and nonprofit casing that is concise, informative, and filled with insight and clear expertise of the industry. As a career switcher without significant experience, it provided a thorough perspective into not only casing but actual issues that could come up when taking a role in government and nonprofit consulting. The authors take you through a variety of cases and issues that could come up, and provide solutions that are creative, insightful, and well thought out. There is also a variety of frameworks that help with framing any issues that may come up and providing clarity and potential solutions to these issues.As someone who spent significant time researching different online cases and information prior to purchasing this book, I can say without hesitating that the authors do a great job at consolidating a lot of useful and hard-to-find information into an easy and interesting read, as well as inserting a large amount of their own expertise and first-hand knowledge.

    Highly recommended for anyone looking to gain more insight into government and nonprofit work for both personal and/or professional purposes!

  • Kevin:
    As a Manager for a leading federal consulting firm, I found the content and structure of ‘CASE IN POINT: Government and Nonprofit’ to be exceptionally relevant for anyone looking to understand and develop the skills it takes to be successful in the government and nonprofit sector. The content method allows for individual or guided case practice and hits on the core takeaways we look for as we recruit and develop our practitioners to deliver outstanding client service.
  • Sree Vinay:
    As someone who has worked with both federal agencies and non-profits, I can say that this book covers topics that are essential for anyone looking to understand client perspectives in the public space. The examples and frameworks not only correspond with actual case interviews but are also emblematic of the type of reasoning consultants and public employees have to consider on a day-to-day basis. A must-have for anyone doing public sector case prep or as a reference guide for those working with federal and non-profit organizations.
  • Casey Kibbe:
    This book is a riveting account of the government non-profit world. It’s a true gem that gives essential knowledge that this field has been longing for. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.
  • Beachrnner:
    If only this book had been available as a resource when I applied for a position as a consultant in healthcare, I might have advanced to the next round of interviews. I was especially clueless about the “cultural fit” aspect. The case takeaways serve as reminders of how to strengthen responses.
  • Anushree Sreedhar:
    Grateful that there’s a version of Case in Point for those interested in the public sector. Cosentino and Piekara have done a great job highlighting the key principles of Case in Point as it relates to the needs of the government and nonprofit sectors. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to make a career in public sector consulting by learning from one of the most well-known resources in our time.
  • Jonathan Mead:
    Case in Point: Government & Nonprofit is a tremendous resource. I highly recommend it. The book brings both the perspective of candidates and recruiters (including a great rubric that recruiters use), very useful resume guidance and very effective case prep. Super helpful!

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