Elementary Statistics 13th Edition


Elementary Statistics 13th Edition

Author: Mario Triola
Edition: 13td Edition
Year: 2017
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-0134463063
Publisher: Pearson
ASIN: 134463064
Pages: 792
File: PDF
Price: 5.99$
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Elementary Statistics 13th Edition

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A textbook for students. Provided with step-by-step guidance on solving all the tasks of the textbook.

For courses in Introductory Statistics

Real data brings statistics to life

From opinion polls and clinical trials to self-driving cars, statistics influence and shapes the world around us. Best-selling author Marty Triola is committed to keeping Elementary Statistics relentlessly current–with an unprecedented amount of up-to-the-minute real data–so that readers of all backgrounds understand the role of statistics in the world around them. In addition to an abundance of new data sets, examples, and exercises, the 13th Edition is designed to be even more flexible, with the addition of learning objectives as an organizational tool, larger data sets, and new topics in line with advancements in statistics. In addition, readers will find more support in an all-new series of videos, more opportunities for practice, and improved support for statistical software.

Elementary Statistics is part of a series that also includes an Essentials version as well as technology-specific texts, Elementary Statistics Using the TI 83/84 Plus Calculator and Elementary Statistics Using Excel. Data sets and other resources for this series are available on our website.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Statistics

2. Exploring Data with Tables and Graphs

3. Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data

4. Probability

5. Discrete Probability Distributions

6. Normal Probability Distributions

7. Estimating Parameters and Determining Sample Sizes

8. Hypothesis Testing

9. Inferences from Two Samples

10. Correlation and Regression

11. Goodness-of-Fit and Contingency Tables

12. Analysis of Variance

13. Nonparametric Tests

14. Statistical Process Control

15. Ethics in Statistics

About the author:

Mario F. Triola is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Dutchess Community College, where he has taught statistics for over 30 years. Marty is the author of Essentials of Statistics, 5th Edition, Elementary Statistics Using Excel, 6th Edition, Elementary Statistics Using the TI-83/84 Plus Calculator, 4th Edition, and he is a co-author of Biostatistics for the Biological and Health Sciences, 2nd Edition, Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life, 5th Edition, and Business Statistics.

Elementary Statistics is currently available as an International Edition, and it has been translated into several foreign languages. Marty designed the original Statdisk statistical software, and he has written several manuals and workbooks for technology supporting statistics education. He has been a speaker at many conferences and colleges. Marty’s consulting work includes the design of casino slot machines. He has worked with attorneys in determining probabilities in paternity lawsuits, analyzing data in medical malpractice lawsuits, identifying salary inequities based on gender, and analyzing disputed election results. He has also used statistical methods in analyzing medical school surveys, and analyzing survey results for the New York City Transit Authority. Marty has testified as an expert witness in New York State Supreme Court. The Text and Academic Authors Association has awarded Marty a “Texty” for Excellence for his work on Elementary Statistics.

Reviews about the ebook Elementary Statistics

  • Kyle:
    I really liked Elementary Statistics textbook! I rented the hardcover, as my professor provided online access to the software (so I didn’t need any code) It arrived in very nice condition, and the textbook itself was laid out in a very logical, easy-to-read manner, with sidebars explaining various real-world applications of the material. Each chapter was laid out the same way, with a colored box containing all of the relevant requirements and formulas and a reminder of what each letter or symbol meant within the formulas. At the end of each chapter were colored boxes showing you how to perform the calculations using different types of technology. The author inserted his dry wit at various points throughout the text, which I enjoyed immensely. Let me put it this way: I’m a middle-aged woman returning to college. I hadn’t done the math for at least 12 years prior to this, and I had two years between my first statistics class and my second. In the first week of Statistics two, it became clear that my last class left off at chapter 5, while this class picked up at chapter 9. I was still able to get caught up quickly, understand the material, and pass the class with an A, using only this book no other materials.
  • John De Gennaro:
    It’s an ok textbook. A whole lot of poorly worded problems and unexplained solutions that don’t follow the format of the examples. The textbook does provide detailed calculator instructions, and it’s much more convenient to flip through a book than scrolling endlessly through a digital copy. I had both a (maybe bootleg) pdf and the rented hardbound text, and I found myself using the hardbound textbook most of the time. This textbook is definitely worth no more than the rental price. Let’s be honest, though, you will be learning most of the material from your professor and Khan Academy. As Mr. T said, I pity the fool that has to teach himself statistics with a textbook. Or something like that.
  • Lexi:
    The only thing bad about renting this was that my course required that I have an access code for the online labs, which this didn’t come with and I had to spend an additional $100. Good if you don’t need the online access code. If you buy the access code the book is included online as well
  • Tara:
    It started off well with being able to understand and figure things out on your own. At around Chapter 5, it became confusing and the terminology was too technical. When dealing with math you really need to speak in layman’s terms so everyone just gets it. The book became irrelevant after a while.
  • Dwight:
    Elementary Statistics is a good ebook to learn from if you are interested in statistics. Some of the formulas are a little hard to grasp at times but that is how any higher form of math is.
  • Sally:
    Elementary Statistics is a very exciting book. I would recommend it to my class
  • Hilary:
    Elementary Statistics is very acceptable as a textbook. Although the author gets a bit too wordy at points (create a frequency based on the midpoints of the blah, blah, blahs…), he has a very realistic attitude toward the introductory statistics student. He realizes that statistics probably isn’t any fun for the student and tries to make it interesting, and has a witty, tongue-in-cheek style that makes the book bearable. He also points out the most important thing to remember from each chapter section, making it easier for the student to study. He also makes many comparisons to the liberal arts, making statistics much more understandable for a student like me: good with English, bad with numbers. I would have given this book 4 stars for its category… but really, who can say they “really liked” a math book?
  • Jennifer:
    everything you need to build a very solid foundation in stats. I actually enjoyed working through this book quite a lot. Math is not my strong suit, but I didn’t struggle with this guide.
  • Joanna:
    Combined with the online tutorial Course Compass it’s excellent.
  • Ioannis:
    Excellent book. All concepts are followed by examples, that often are real-life. Well organized with technology guides.
  • Susan Carroll:
    A good book for a professional reviewing the basics from time to time. Minitab and ti technology applications are helpful.

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