Fortitude American Resilience in the Era of Outrage


Fortitude American Resilience in the Era of OutrageDan Crenshaw

Author: Dan Crenshaw
Edition: 1st Edition
Year: 2020
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-1-5387-3329-5
Publisher:  Twelve, Hachette Book Group, Inc.
ISBN 10: 1538733315
Pages: 240
File: PDF
Price: 3.99$

Fortitude American Resilience in the Era of Outrage by Dan Crenshaw

Jordan Peterson’s Twelve Rules for Life meets Jocko Willink and Leif Babin’s Extreme Ownership in this tough-love leadership ebook from a Navy SEAL and a rising star in Republican politics.

In 2012, on his third tour of duty, an improvised explosive device left Dan Crenshaw’s right eye destroyed and his left blinded. Only through the careful hand of his surgeons, and what doctors called a miracle, did Crenshaw’s left eye recover partial vision.

And yet, he persevered, completing two more deployments. Why? There are certain stories we tell ourselves about the hardships we face – we can become paralyzed by adversity or we can adapt and overcome. We can be fragile or we can find our fortitude. Crenshaw delivers a set of lessons to help you do just that.

Most people’s everyday challenges aren’t as extreme as surviving combat, and yet our society is more fragile than ever: exploding with outrage, drowning in microaggressions, and devolving into divisive mob politics. The American spirit – long characterized by grit and fortitude – is unraveling. We must fix it.

That’s exactly what Crenshaw accomplishes with Fortitude. This book isn’t about the problem, it’s about the solution. And that solution begins with each and every one of us. We must all lighten up, toughen up, and begin treating our fellow Americans with respect and grace.

Fortitude is a no-nonsense advice ebook for finding the strength to deal with everything from menial daily frustrations to truly difficult challenges. More than that, it is a roadmap for a more resilient American culture. With meditations on perseverance, failure, and finding much-needed heroes, the book is the antidote for a prevailing “safety culture” of trigger warnings and safe spaces. Interspersed with lessons from history and psychology is Crenshaw’s own story of how an average American kid from the Houston suburbs went from war zones to the halls of Congress – and managed to navigate his path with a sense of humor and an even greater sense that, no matter what anyone else around us says or does, we are in control of our own destiny.

About the author:

Dan Crenshaw, Originally from the Houston area, his father’s career moved his family all over the world, including Colombia, where he attended high school and became fluent in Spanish. He is a graduate of Tufts University and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. As a SEAL he was deployed five times. On Dan’s third deployment he was hit by an IED blast that destroyed his right eye. Dan was medically retired in September of 2016 as a Lieutenant Commander after serving ten years in the SEAL Teams. He left service with two Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, and others. In November 2018, Dan was elected to represent the people of Texas’s Second Congressional District. In Congress, he is focused on border security, disaster relief funding, port security, cutting frivolous spending, and implementing fiscally responsible policies.

Reviews About the ebook Fortitude

  • Nico Alba
    First things first: I have my disagreements with Dan. They primarily stem from my secularism and his attribution of Judeo-Christian values as the philosophical underpinning of all western morality and law. With that being said, I respect the hell out of him and the conclusions we reach are the same even if our reasons for reaching them don’t exactly line up.
    This ebook Fortitude is both an exploration and an antidote for the weakening culture of America. Human qualities like grit, discipline, and self-reliance—once considered timeless and unequivocal in their production of success and value—are now being replaced by self-pity, indulgence, outrage, and resentment. A society existing in the most prosperous, free, and safe period of all history has been coddled to the point of producing a generation of individuals hellbent on finding grievances and flaws in our society instead of taking ownership and accountability for their actions. External factors are always to blame and individual responsibility is an afterthought if a thought at all.
  • Lori White:
    Dan Crenshaw is a force to be reckoned with, and his first (first of many, I hope) books, Fortitude: Resilience in the Age of Outrage, is a call to action for America. I was just halfway through it when I started gifting copies to friends and family — it’s that good.

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