Master ASL Fingerspelling Numbers And Glossing


Master ASL! Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Glossing

Master ASL Fingerspelling Numbers And Glossing

Author: Jason E. Zinza
Edition: Workbook edition
Year: 2006
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-1881133216
Publisher: Sign Media Inc
ISBN 10: 1-881133214
Pages: 206
File: PDF
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Master ASL! Fingerspelling, Numbers, and Glossing

Master ASL: Fingerspelling, Numbers, And Glossing Paperback – February 15, 2006
by Jason E. Zinza (Author) ISBN: 1881133214

Master ASL! is an American Sign Language curriculum that supports the communicative competence approach to language learning and teaching.

Key features of this approach include developing:

Knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure
Ability to use language appropriately within various social settings and to
interact in culturally appropriate ways
Discourse competence is the ability to initiate and sustain communication
Strategies to identify, repair, and avoid communication breakdowns

Language and Structure:

ASL Up Close: highlights important functions of ASL structure
Eyes on ASL: presents basic rules of signing in ASL
Accent Steps: tips and advice to help improve ASL skills
Expression Corner: exposes students to ASL idioms and useful phrases
and expressions

Deaf Culture:

Deaf Culture Notes: relevant aspects of Deaf culture related to the
topic at hand
Focus: in-depth examinations of important issues in the Deaf World
Deaf Culture Minute: brief cultural tidbits to help students understand
Deaf culture
I Want to Know: answers common questions students have about ASL and
Deaf culture

Comparison and Reflection:

Journal activities: opportunities to analyze and reflect on ASL, Deaf culture,
and the Deaf experience
Exposure to Deaf art and writing by Deaf authors.

This soft-cover book focusing on developing fingerspelling, numbers, and glossing skills. This text is divided into 10 units that correspond to the units in the Student Textbook.

Features include:

Over 400 practice exercises, drills, and explanations to help students master
these challenging skills.
Special sections within each unit provide helpful hints for improving skills
along with answers to frequently asked questions.
A glossary provides information on important terms and concepts appearing in
the Student Textbook.
A vocabulary index includes the corresponding gloss for each vocabulary item
appearing in Master ASL!

About the author:

Jason E. Zinza Teacher educator urging best practices in teaching world languages, esp. #ASL. Consultant, curriculum writer, hiker, #CODA #BOTL #ASLHS #ACTFL #nationalASLTA

Reviews about the ebook:

  • M Robertson:
    Used this book in my ASL Fingerspelling class. It has a lot of good practice drills. The explanations are for formal fingerspelling, not native fingerspelling you’d see from ASL fluent Deaf people. One big positive, this ebook has drills that show fingerspelling in 2-D space (not only the typical fingerspelling location); however, they haven’t explained that way in the directions.We didn’t use the glossing portion of the book in class.
  • Alex Hannaford:
    Needed this for class. Came in good condition, very useful. I will say that you need both books to resell these back to a college because they won’t just take the workbook.
  • Patricia A Stegall:
    This book arrived in time for a Christmas gift for my son-in-law. He lit up like a Christmas tree when he opened it. It will help him get his ASL certification.
  • Lee & Behold Design:
    This book has more of a workbook format, so it wasn’t the best “guide” This is more of a practice book, to prove what you know. Although, I hope it very helpful for my ASL classes! 🙂
  • Sarah Beth:
    Sometimes drills are the only way to go. I’ve looked online for free resources but they’re not nearly as good. The book is worth it.
  • Jarred rush:
    Just what I needed for class.
  • Teacher:
    Current fingerspelling manual for ASL learners.
  • Jeremiah Peterson:
    A good book for learning ASL.
  • Courtney Fuller:
    Good for my kid’s school.
  • Rebecca:
    My daughter uses this book for homeschooling as a second language. It has been very helpful and we appreciate the ease of learning it provides.
  • D. Slaughter:
    I purchased this book for college ASL classes. I was able to use the book for 2 semesters. I still use the book and I continue to use it to remembers signs I need in communicating with a deaf client.
  • Lana Solitario:
    Great resource.
  • jean kipte:
    Received item exactly as described!
  • Starving Artist:
    Good quality.
  • Heather Anderson:
    Needed this for a class and was in great shape.
  • Marisa:
    Items arrived as told online, described right, ship and handle was a good price and good packaging. Hope to work with them again.
  • Tori Donahue:
    It was the book I needed for class. Has many activities to practice signing. Really helps with fluency.

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