The animal desk reference essential oils for animals


The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals by Melissa Shelton

Author: Melissa Shelton
Edition: FIRST Edition
Year: 2012
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-1483914947
Publisher: Melissa Shelton DVM
ISBN 10: 1483914941
Pages: 816
File: PDF
Price: 5.99$

The animal desk reference essential oils for animals by Shelton Melissa

Overview: The Animal Desk Reference book is written by Holistic Veterinarian Melissa Shelton – describing the many ways that Essential Oils are used for animals – especially pertaining to the French Model of Aromatherapy. Young Living Essential Oils and products are specifically described in this reference – making it very similar to the Essential Oils Desk Reference for humans. Information for use of essential oils is included for every species of animal – from fish and cats, to dogs, horses, and elephants. General techniques and methods are thoroughly described in this easy to read the book. Discussions on the safety and monitoring of animals during the use of essential oils are also covered.

About the author:

Melissa Shelton DVM is a holistic veterinarian who has taught worldwide on the use of essential oils for all animals. As of 2012, she has authored two books and continues her work with essential oils in her veterinary clinic via case studies.

Reviews about the ebook The animal desk reference essential oils for animals


  • Robyn:
    DVM Melissa Shelton holistic veterinarian has compiled this amazing ebook The animal desk reference essential oils for animals about essential oils and animals. But not just any essential oils, Young Living essential oils. The purest essential oil brand out there, with their world-renowned Seed to Seal guarantee.
    I read this reference ebook from cover to cover and have learned so much about using YL essential oils on my own pets. Why certain EO’s should not be used, and how important it is for the proper use and proper dilution on certain species. Amazing how much these oils can do for us and our pets. I can’t wait to read more ebooks by this amazing lady.
  • Camigda:
    An incredible eye-opener! First off, I bought this because my not so old gal cat has mammary cancer…sucks. Anyway, this book has given me more information on treatments than I ever could have imagined.
    I am diligently trying to apply these methods and thus far has made a huge difference (positive). My vet, or should I say former vet gave her a year to live, wanting to remove the tumor only to tell me it would return anyway.
    Saying it would improve her quality of life, and couldn’t tell me how it happened either. Said it was the luck of the draw, 50-50, some cats get it and not others! Nothing about diet, toxins, etc… Anyway, this book will give you more options than imaginable when treating your pet. No cut and burn bs, only to have the symptoms reappear. This will tell you how to get rid of the real problem. Make sure to educate yourself along the way in addition to this book, you just will not look at our modern medicine the same way again. Buy the ebook The animal desk reference essential oils for animals!
  • Doreen:
    It’s a very interesting ebook The animal desk reference essential oils for animals. I have helped me keep my dogs and cats healthy. I don’t have to have meds to make them better, I use supplements and they are better for my animals.
  • Diana:
    I found this Vet online and I found her information, her testimonials, and her love for animals and essential oils so helpful! I learned so much from the articles that I had to order this book. I found out that she has a Facebook page which I joined and it is also very helpful (there are people with a lot of EO experience who will also share their experiences and knowledge if asked a question. She is now supplying her own brand of essential oils so that she can control the quality of where they come from and the mixtures that she has learned about from trial and error in her own practice and family (she always tries oils on herself, her family, and pets before she gives to animals at her practice) but she keeps giving advice whenever she has time on Facebook on all oils and supplements. I just love her and wish I lived in her town so she could be my vet!!! This ebook The animal desk reference essential oils for animals is almost a daily help to me!!!

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